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Crabtree & Evelyn Sweet Almond Oil Nourishing Shave Cream

Crabtree & Evelyn was named after the English nobleman, John Evelyn, who was best known as a 17th century conservationist, and arguably the first.  He became famous when he inspired the Sylva, and conservation of his estate during a time when logging was popular to establish the British navy.  The Crabtree, also known as Wild Apple Trees, were brought over to the Americas by the British and used for the benefits in apothecary.

Inspired by the wholeheartedness of the natural world Crabtree & Evelyn thrives off the use of natural botanicals in their products.  With over a 160 botanical ingredients in their home style apothecary they have created a product for every skin type.

C&Es Almond Shave Cream comes in the classic British like or invented tin tube. It goes on light and smooth. It also lathers up in a hurry.  I lathered up with my fingertips.  I did’t use a brush to lather with this product.  Speaking of lather, did I mention this product lathers up well from

The almond oil is a nice addition.  Its primary purpose is moisturizer, but it’s a pleasant scent in the morning and it’s not overpowering.  The good news is it rinses clean for your favorite after-shave product.

Glycerin works with the almond oil to help the razor blade glide and prevent any unnecessary burn.  The benefit of both glycerin and almond oil is I don’t need to use pre-shave oil.  I like it.  Two-for-one shave cream with a pleasant scent and smooth clean results.

I got a great shave from it.

No worries. The only downside I see is it’s packaged in one of those tubes with the tiny, little screw top designed for miniature fingers.  If you do drop the top and you can’t find it, your product will eventually harden at the end.  Kind of seals itself up in the tube, so don’t worry if you lose the top like I do.  Don’t sweat it.  Product’s going to be fine.

I give this product five out of five stars. My blade glides across my face during shaving without nick or burn. It provided a clean, smooth pleasant after-finish for me as well.   It’s got the glycerin.  It’s got the almond oil.  It’s a magnificent product.  I highly recommend it.
Product Description:  Our concentrated shave cream is formulated with natural sweet almond oil and moisturizing glycerin.  It provides a fine lather that rinses easily, leaving the skin soft, supple, and lightly scented.  Apply with fingertips or a shaving brush.  Shave, rinsing the blade often with warm water.  Dermatologist tested and approved.


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